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Monday, October 7, 2013

What is God's role in our everyday lives?

This fall I'm studying something I've always taken for granted. I've always believed that God cared about the nuances of my life and was active in it on an everyday level. My prayer life has been fueled by this belief.

But the other day someone said something like, "I don't think God really cares about any of that. His goal is your salvation, beyond that, His perspective is eternal and He doesn't bother with the earthly things of this life." (loose quotation)

This little thorn has been prodding my heart, so I've begun studying the scriptures specifically for this answer. I'll be sharing some of what I find along the way. I hope it encourages you to study God's word for yourself.

But for now:

What do you think?

What is God's role in our everyday lives?