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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FREE book give-away!

I understand it's important for writers to have a strong blog following, but how does one go about creating a following? I've been thinking about it. In Colorado, all I have to do is mention Tim Tebow and I imagine I'd have a thousand hits. (maybe I'll blog about him next time) Anyway, in order to increase my followings, I'm offering a give-away. Well, maybe it's a bribe...

I'm giving away a copy of Sandi Rog's Biblical fiction, Yahshua's Bridge to the person who refers the most blog followers. (no tie breakers) The second book in the series, Yahshua's Bridge will not disappoint:

An Amethyst stone draws him to his past. An elusive maiden draws him to his future. Alexander is born into slavery under an abusive master: a master of his own flesh and blood... a man he will never call father. Determined to break away from his master's hold, Alexander devises a plan to purchase his freedom. But what's he to do when he finds himself shipped off in shackles to Egypt, disappearing from the lives of everyone he knows and loves?

Click here to purchase the first book, The Master's Wall by Sandi Rog from Amazon.

You have one week to complete your mission. Next Tuesday, November 22, I'll announce the winner. Following is easy. Just sign up with an email address. Use comments or email to alert me to how many you referred or were referred by.....

Will you take my bribe? Repost this on your FaceBook Page, email the link etc.

Ready, Set, Go! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

I've signed with an Agent: Jesus

Have you ever made a mistake?  I didn't think so. Well, this is my blog and I confess to making tons of them. Today, I really messed up. I sent a manuscript to an agent with a mistake in it. Ouch, that hurts. I looked for the "suck a bad email back" feature on my computer, but alas, I clicked "send" before I realized the mistake.

(I'm an impetuous person, this isn't a new lesson, I'm afraid)

The pity party that followed helped me see something. If my own life had just one mistake, like the manuscript I sent, I'd be doing pretty good. The truth is, my "agent" has already agreed to publish my name in the Book of Life. And that manuscript (my life) is loaded with mistakes, coffee stains, mustard blobs, hideous grammar, misspellings and faux pas. He overlooks them all.

He is the best critique partner. In fact, he bled all over my work and now it's perfect. Put that in your book!

Thank-you, Jesus, for agreeing to be my agent. For coaching me. For correcting my mistakes before they go to the publisher. And He charged me no commission.

Do you ever make mistakes?  (and do you think this agent will overlook mine?)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why read suspense?

Stone cold fingers gripped her throat, strangling the frantic scream that escaped her lips. The icy chill in her veins came more from the look in his eyes than from his violent grip on her neck...

Oh! I love a chilling suspense! But what makes suspense great? Is is just a psycho killer? The thrill of the hunt? For me, suspense is at its best when even the average prose has you turning pages. When the plot has highs that have your heart pounding and lows when you think everything is safe.

I read suspense to escape life and transcend laundry, dishes and toilets (I have little boys, need I say more?) So, I like to read about relationships that are tested in the fire of the plot. Hopes dashed against the rocks of a wonderful plot...and finally brought back together in a memorable kiss!

Why do you read suspense? What do you expect in a suspense novel? Or maybe you haven't read suspense yet...why not?