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Monday, November 7, 2011

I've signed with an Agent: Jesus

Have you ever made a mistake?  I didn't think so. Well, this is my blog and I confess to making tons of them. Today, I really messed up. I sent a manuscript to an agent with a mistake in it. Ouch, that hurts. I looked for the "suck a bad email back" feature on my computer, but alas, I clicked "send" before I realized the mistake.

(I'm an impetuous person, this isn't a new lesson, I'm afraid)

The pity party that followed helped me see something. If my own life had just one mistake, like the manuscript I sent, I'd be doing pretty good. The truth is, my "agent" has already agreed to publish my name in the Book of Life. And that manuscript (my life) is loaded with mistakes, coffee stains, mustard blobs, hideous grammar, misspellings and faux pas. He overlooks them all.

He is the best critique partner. In fact, he bled all over my work and now it's perfect. Put that in your book!

Thank-you, Jesus, for agreeing to be my agent. For coaching me. For correcting my mistakes before they go to the publisher. And He charged me no commission.

Do you ever make mistakes?  (and do you think this agent will overlook mine?)


  1. Awesome lesson, Kelli. I love what you do with words. And I would guess the agent will love your words, too.

  2. Nice thoughts Kelli...and very true. We can all relate, and be thankful for Jesus for sure.

  3. Best agent ever!! :) Hope it goes well with the other agent too!!

  4. Love this post! Thanks,Kelly!

  5. Thanks for this post, Kelly! I thought it was just me - you know, that was afflicted with the "Click-Send-and-then-find-mistakes" illness. Ugh! at least Jesus (our audience of ONE!) is there to erase the things we missed. I know you'll get there - in His time! ; )