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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fiction found me...

Many of you have asked about my past and current projects:
I've written one book entitled, Fresh Hope. It's really a practice novel, if nothing else. It was fun to write, full of beginner mistakes and poorly edited, still I entered it this spring in a national contest for the experience. Here's my imaginary book jacket: Till death do us part, Eliza Booker just doesn't realize how soon that could be...
On the eve of her wedding, Eliza overhears an unexpected threat to her life if she ever realizes the relationship between Arizona Congressman, Steven Kayhill and the Mexican immigrants at his resort, Fresh Hope. She must escape before he knows she's gone. 
Eliza expects the heartache and trouble to continue in her now location until she lands a job working for organic farmer, Dylan Prejean. Gradually, she finds there's more growing between them than vegetables. While Eliza and Dylan's relationship blossoms, the killer gets too close for comfort. Can Eliza find Fresh Hope in a life with Dylan before her own is extinguished?

Fresh Hope
is certainly a work in progress, it could be edited all day but creating my first plot, characters and writing over 90,000 words has been very fun and enlightening i.e. showing me how far I have to go as a new writer!

My current project is exciting for me because it represents a blending of genre's. It's a historical set in Victorian England with the feeling and plot elements of a true suspense. Holmestock Manor is a plot I've had in my head for a long time and I'm so excited to get it out on paper, or computer-screen, as it were. This book combines my favorite things; a glamorous setting, interesting social dialogue, historically accurate characters and a little murder! I've written about 14,000 words of the story so far which is about a quarter of the way in...more to come on Holmestock Manor!  

Of course, it's my dream to have these babies published one day but if writing is to be my unpaid hobby for a couple of years or decades, I couldn't think of a better way to spend my free time. Fiction found me!


  1. I would think it most exciting for many of us to "purchase" and read your books - whether they're published or not..... make and them an e-book & you know I'll pay and download!!

  2. I agree on the ebooks for now. I would love to read all of Fresh Hope and Holmestock Manor sounds very intriguing! So proud of you! :):) You are like Anne Shirley:):)