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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God knows I like a little suspense!

As you know, I entered the Genesis writing contest in the spring. I had no intention of making any of the cuts so when Friday came (the day the finalists were announced) and I didn't receive the call, I wasn't surprised. After all this is just my first year writing.

I did get some good news. Two of the girls in my critique group made the semi-finals (top 20% in the nation) and I was thrilled for them although I have to admit, I wished I was a semi-finalist too. Another sweet friend in my critique group shared her condolences and empathy; she didn't make the semi-finals either. We shared our momentary grief together for a few days, looking at each others scores and judge comments as a salve to our writer's souls.

My scores came yesterday and after reading the judges comments, I was really pleased with the feedback and results even if I didn't make the semi-finals. Kirt took the time to read them (sweet!) and we were in the living room discussing some of the comments when the phone rang...

It was after 9:30 p.m. and at the preacher's house, when the phone rings late like that, you hope it's nothing bad! It was my Genesis coordinator whom I only know by a tag line in an e-mail. She called to apologize that they had made a slight mathematical error on my scores. Well, I thought that was it...she was forgiven, of course.

Then she told me the good news. Mathematics corrected....I was also a Semi-finalist in the contest. I joined 11 other women and men in the Romantic Suspense category! WOW! The coordinator remembered my manuscript and was surprised that it didn't make the semi's. Something nagged her all day to check the math and when she did, they found some kind of error ... in my favor!

God must have planned to write a little suspense into my life this week! I spent 5 days as a non-finalist and now I'm just in the clouds at the news that I've been one all along!

My book will go on to be judged again and I will know the results in May. I still don't plan to make the cut for the finals. (I have to be top 3 of 12 to make the finals) But I exceeded ANY goal I set for myself in this contest.  Thanks for following me on my journey! This is certainly a high point for me.  I made the ACFW Genesis Contest Semi-finals!!!

Pray for favorable judges that can teach me to be a better writer even if I can't move ahead to the finals. I thank God for the opportunity he's given me and the shot-in-the-arm that my writing needed.

I'll keep you posted!


  1. What a thrilling story of how you found out! Disappointment....then pure joy!!! YAY! Way to go! I knew you could do it!!!!!! I can't wait to read the rest myself!!!

  2. What wonderful news! Congrats!

  3. That is so awesome! God is so faithful!