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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The end is only the beginning

Many of you have asked, where are your blog posts? Since I was chosen as a Genesis Finalist in the premier contest for new writers sponsored by ACFW, I couldn't release the title of my book until now. I'm vibrating with excitement: I wrote THE END today! Two beautiful words. Fresh Hope is finally finished. Whew. It comes in at 91,706 words.

I cruised through all the tension spots, (it's a suspense after all) but I got hung up on the end. It was hard to take everything and wrap it up. I forgive you. I'll get over it. Kiss. Kiss. The end. Sounds easy? I think it was the hardest part of the book!

Try this on for size:
Love becomes the enemy in Fresh Hope. Eliza Booker thinks her life is perfect-- That is, until her fiance threatens to kill her. Now she's running for her life. Visa-smuggling. Human-trafficking. Can she decipher the clues before she's silenced?

In ten days, I leave for the ACFW annual conference in St. Louis where the winner of the Genesis contest will be announced. My competition has a lot more experience than I do. One of the women won the contest back in 2009. Can I win it? We shall see. I will be so blessed with Runner-up! (all but first place are runner-up)

Since I've never attended a conference before, I'm experiencing the jitters. But if you know me, that's probably a good thing. I perform best under pressure as my husband reminded me today. He said if I didn't have a deadline, I probably wouldn't write a book at all. Not quite true but he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. :)

I've got ten days to perfect a pitch sheet that we ACFW writers call a One-sheet, develop a short elevator pitch and a long 15 minute presentation. I told my husband: It's like fishing. I'm not going to land the fish, just get them to take the bait! I will have satisfied every expectation if I've gotten some "bites" on Fresh Hope. Maybe it's too soon for publication, but I'd like to think my hard work will pay off.

Truly, I'm excited to meet agents and editors that know the business. Someone asked me why I felt I needed an agent. My answer: I need a compass. A finger pointing North in the publishing world. That's worth more than 15%!

It will also be fun to meet my critique group friends in person. I have a wonderful network of brilliant writers who comb through the sludge I send them...they must be great...I'm a Genesis finalist! :) Conference is a great chance to meet other crazies who think writing is the best hobby ever!

Could I have more fun? Agents, editors, writers, friends..we're all just people. I hope I can bring a smile to someone while I'm there. A little light from Colorado!

Thanks for praying for my success. It's totally in God's hands. I can't plant a seed and pull the plant up from the ground. He gives the growth. I may have written THE END today, but it's only the beginning!

Fresh Hope meets St. Louis in 10 days! I'll keep you posted!

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  1. So exciting Kelli! I can't wait to read it!!!! I will definitely buy a winning copy:) I'd vote for you for sure:):)! Love the Fresh Hope picture! Suspense is my favorite and I'm in such suspense waiting to hear all about it and to read it:):)!! Love ya!!!