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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So, I'm a rookie and it shows.

Everything on the build went smoothly until we changed trades from excavating to concrete. Apparently, a person (me) is supposed to read the tiny print on the side of the engineered prints. Doh. In this tiny print, it says that the soils engineer must come and inspect the open hole to see if the dirt looks good. (Imagine the fun of that job, eh?)

We had a hole, but no engineer to inspect it.


After the engineer came, we thought the concrete would be poured in four consecutive stages:

1. Set Footers
2. Pour Footers
3. Set walls
4. Pour walls

So far, we have 2 out of 4. Which is bad news for my schedule because I have workers coming to put a damp-proof product on walls that aren't there yet. Sheesh. And then I sent guys out to measure those invisible walls and looked like a complete idiot! (So, I'm a rookie and it shows)


In addition to that little snag, we lost our FRAMER! So we scrambled to find someone else. (Granted, the foundation walls are poured)

Thankfully, we found a framing crew. Albeit, they cost more, but we're getting desperate here and the guy said he could do the whole house in 8-10 days!

It's been 2 very stressful weeks! Add in a little tiff with a neighbor who disagreed with our property lines/rights...Maybe it's good we've had a delay so we can catch our breath and live to another day. 

Next week: Framing


  1. So "everything went smoothly" until you got past a hole in the ground. By the time you have a house you'll be an expert. ;-) I am so excited for you!!! A brand new house will be so much fun!

  2. Oh man!! I'm impressed you can understand any of the lingo to begin with. Hope it sorts out soon. You could always do fabric walls like our beloved play house that blew away in the wind....bad idea, but hope it made you smile! Miss you! My mom said the retreat was great. Maybe I can come again one of these years when I'm not so overwhelmed in baby stage:) Love ya!