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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Things you do when you're NOT framing

We were supposed to start framing today, and I was disappointed when my framer, Rick, called to notify me he couldn't start until later in the week.

When I arrived this afternoon to survey the progress, I noticed a LOT of water pooling at the entrance. A few moments later, a neighbor arrived saying they thought the water was due to an irrigation line break. They'd fired up the pump that feeds irrigation water to the whole neighborhood and it was obviously flooding from below.

As the minutes passed, more neighbors arrived. At first, we just made attempts to get the culvert open so the water could flow back to the pond. I was not dressed for a foray into the mud, nor did I have the tools. (I'm glad I had those excuses. I'm still embarrassed about admitting my limitations after my fusion surgeries last year. I feel like a weakling with a million tired excuses)

But as you can see, Conner and Karli had no problem putting those worries aside and diving in. Literally. A few neighbors arrived with shovels and we started digging where the water seemed to be boiling out of the dirt.

We never did find the leak, so we turned the main pump off and plan to get a digging crew together for Saturday.

So, instead of framing today, we learned what we'd already suspected: We've got some great neighbors! (oh, yeah, and a broken irrigation pipe)

Let's hope we start framing tomorrow!


  1. And the project list for the new house continues to g..r..o..w. Kelli's mantra: All in God's timing, all in God's timing! *deep breath*

  2. Don't fix the leak. Put in a pool.